Happy Belated Birthday, Roald Dahl!


The article link  below highlights 11 incredible lessons Roald Dahl taught us through his characters and their actions. I couldn’t agree more! But, I would like to add one more lesson: Mr. Dahl taught me that it was okay to read books that are ridiculously silly and full of characters that are nonsensical, cuckoo, ludicrous, and unforgettable. Here’s what else I learned:

  • I yearn to try lickable wallpaper
  • flying across the atlantic ocean in a peach is a superior form of transportation
  • parents need to be taught a lesson
  • witches have no toes
  • if I can’t travel in a peach, a glass elevator will be just as fun
  • even bone-crunching giants can be friendly

What’s your favorite Roald Dahl book? Who’s your favorite character?