About Us

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We at Effective K12 Schools devote our energy to passionately advocating for students, especially those students most at-risk for dropping out of school. Empowering educators to become strong instructional leaders positively impacts student learning. Strong instruction leaders to increased student achievement.

Our Effective K12 Schools mission is simple: to help students succeed. We serve as a voice for all students. We hope to arm all educators and parents with tools to help increase student achievement. Awareness of current research provides a springboard for instructional improvement.


  • Decreasing the dropout rate
  • Increasing achievement for at-risk students
  • Constructing sound instructional strategies
  • Empowering educators to become instructional leaders
  • Establishing clear missions and goals
  • Creating awareness of the predictors of students who dropout
  • Producing educators with awareness of research-based strategies
  • Building positive home school relationships
  • Creating cultures of learning
  • Providing positive student feedback
  • Developing high expectations for all students
  • Making connections with community resources
  • Understanding the impact of cultural awareness

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  • All students deserve a voice.
  • All students are capable of learning.
  • Effective instruction is necessary for achievement.
  • Improvement requires parents, teachers, and students working as a team.
  • Schools must set high expectations for all students and staff.
  • Data analysis is critical for sustainable change.
  • Teachers must be empowered to make sound instructional decisions.
  • Early intervention can decrease the likelihood a student will drop out.
  • With a focused mission, schools can achieve the goal of increasing student achievement.
  • Collaboration is necessary for improving instruction.
  • Knowledge of current research benefits is essential.
  • Administrators must support the staff with time, data, and resources to collaborate.